Liquosystems tank cooling

Liquosystems tank cooling


You have a wine cellar or distillery, are a wine producer or beer brewer, or even a wine cooperative, and are looking for an innovative supplier of Tank Cooling and Fermentation Control Equipment? Then LiquoSystems is the ideal place for you. We offer the right technology for perfect fermentation and temperature regulation.

The quality of wine and other fermented products is determined mostly by maintaining the correct temperature during fermentation and storage. With products from LiquoSystems, in respect of this crucial point, you leave nothing to chance.

With LiquoSystems, you will receive a complete operational system, with planning, design and installation carried out at your site. Alternatively, you can comfortably and relatively cheaply research our products in our online shop, make enquiries without obligation, and have items delivered conveniently to your door. In this way, budget-conscious wine and beer producers can construct tank cooling systems with quality products, as can quality-conscious wineries and brewers who prefer a complete ready-to-go professional solution. Whichever you choose, with LiquoSystems you will always receive German-made products, and the corresponding knowledgeable support.

LiquoSystems is your supplier for:

In addition, LiquoSystems provides appropriate software and assembly parts, including sensor technology, and hydraulic and electrical components.




Liquosystems Aquasnap

AQUASNAP I 8 - 13 kW

The Aquasnap small cooling units of the latest generation offer state-of-the-art technical innovations as built-in hydronic module with pump and expansion tank. So the installation is reduced to simple tasks such as connecting the electric power supply and the water supply and return pipes. The new generation of low-noise fans work even more quietly and do no longer make any importunate low frequency noises. A flow temperature of up to - 5 °C now also in the area of tartaric stabilization leaves nothing to be desired.


AQUASNAP I 17 kW - 33 kW / 39 - 80 kW

This new generation of cooling units offers state-of-the-art technological innovations as built-in hydronic module with pump and expansion tank. Thus, the installation is reduced to simple tasks such as connecting the electric power supply and the water supply and waste pipes. The device comprises one or two two-stage axial fans with horizontal air outlet for an exceptionally quiet operation which is fostered by the automatic fan speed control.



The cooling unit with heat pump offers extraordinarily high energy efficiency values in both cooling and heating. The inverter technology adapts the compressor speed to the conditions and makes stabile temperatures possible



Easy installation, low-noise operation due to quietly running scroll compressors and fans of the latest generation. Low operating costs due to increased energy efficiency at partial load.



Liquosystems Aquarius


Spot cooling quite simple and where it is needed. Ideal for containers without lid. The portable cooling device with serpentine heat exchanger is provided with a built-in fermentation control with probe lace. Thus, you can cool the medium directly in a controlled manner.



Mobile cooling unit on transport rollers. The all-in-one power pack is fully equipped with four built-in fermentation controls, valves and temperature probes for the automatic cooling of four wine tanks. The integrated electric heating resistor makes possible the cooling of the connected wine tanks with a simple switching on the device.



Liquosystems Idrofan

IDROFAN I 129 - 550 m³ / IDROFAN PLUS I 127 - 495 m³

This room climate chest combines attractive design with versatility and thus suits all kinds of application environment from large halls or wine cellars up to storage rooms for bottles and offices. The device is very slim and finds a mounting place everywhere, at the wall or at the ceiling, for example. It blends in harmoniously with its environment. The room climate chest captivates by a simple installation, extremely quietly operating fans and a low power consumption. The integrated valve technology prevents laborious installation tasks and saves costs, time and money. Simply connect the supply and return system, ready.



Liquosystems Idrostream

Highly efficient stock cooling, ideal for a perfect cooling in storage rooms for bottles and tank storages. These devices are convincing with the following application advantages: high heat absorption on small surface, low kW price, high air volume, high efficiency, high air blow range and effective air distribution. The broadly-arranged cooling fins of 0,7 mm prevent dust particles from sticking to the heat exchange zone. For water / glycol mixture.



Liquosystems cooling plates

Cooling plate with screw-in fitting for a simple self installation. Saves time and laborious welding jobs at the tank. The cooling plates are electropolished. This surface treatment makes cleaning easier because there form almost no tartaric sediments.



Liquosystems Simplex flexible cooling

SIMPLEX, the cooling tube for a fast and flexible cooling. Made of high-quality V4A stainless steel spiral tube for an efficient heat transmission. In contrast to conventional corrugated tubes, the slight surface corrugation (spiral) makes the heat transmission and cleaning easier. On the one hand, there do not form any water pockets at the pouring cooling water, on the other hand, the fermentation product cannot collect between the spiral corrugations. Simply insert Simplex in the bunghole and connect it with the cooling water. Due to an additional drill-hole at the silicone plug, you can attach a fermentation tube. Moreover, with an adapter also the CO2 volume flow sensor TopFlow can be integrated. An ideal addition to the mobile single fermentation controllers.



Liquosystems Iferm Solo fermentation control

iFerm Solo, the new generation of fermentation control for mobile tank cooling. This series captivates by its intuitive operation and its unique modular system. You can extend iFerm Solo in the easiest way with the CO2 volume flow sensor TopFlow and cool your wine depending on the fermentation activity. Or you can integrate the mobile single fermentation controller into an existing permanently installed fermentation system of LiquoSystems. All this is made possible by the integrated BUS socket at the device. iFerm Solo is the ideal and mobile solution for wine-growing estates and wineries with highest flexibility. ALL-IN-ONE: iFerm Solo is mounted completely with temperature probe, solenoid valve with integrated dirt sieve and bayonet fitting. You simply have to connect the device with the electric power supply and the cooling water supply.

Award-winning Innovation of the INTERVITIS INTERFRUCTA 2010! With this new generation of fermentation control LiquoSystems is again one step ahead and thus consolidates its position as technology leader in the measuring and control technology in the production of wine. Due to the BUS connecting socket at the mobile single fermentation controller iFerm Solo, the CO2 volume flow sensor TopFlow can be easily connected. Thus, state-of-the-art fermentation methods are available to the user. A pure temperature fermentation within seconds turns into an innovative control of the yeast activity in the wine. So the elongated fermentation restraint becomes much safer and considerably easier.



Liquosystems Eco therm thermometer, Iferm Eco

iFerm Eco is provided with an indication of actual and nominal values. Thus, the user easily keeps an overview. The single fermentation controller is inserted into the tank at the existing thermowell and fixed there. The 6-meter connecting cable with a BUS connector at the cable end simply has to be plugged in the Universal BUS Box [terminal box].



Liquosystems Iferm tank

iFerm Tank with integrated temperature probe in the measuring sleeve is directly inserted into the existing thermowell at the tank and fixed there. Based on the modern graphic display, all data, measurement curves as well as tips for the user are clearly shown. iFerm Tank is convincing with its innovative Slim Line Design in stainless steel. The single fermentation controller only has to be plugged into the Universal BUS Box [terminal box]



Liquosystems Iferm twiniFerm Twin is a pure control unit. The tank numbers and the corresponding actual temperature continuously roll through the built-in display tank after tank. For the operation of the iFerm Twin control unit, you need an operating unit. Such an operating unit could be, for example, iFerm Terminal and/or the software FermAssist.



The operating unit iFerm Terminal captivates by its compact and innovative Slim Line Design in stainless steel. You can operate and control a maximum of 24 tanks.



Our software FermAssist is a logical extension for the fermentation control systems iFerm, EFC and AFC, an ideal addition to computercontrolled winery systems with LiquoSystems tech-nology. The charge survey informes about the process status in the cellar anytime. It comprehensively and clearly indicates all actual measured values [temperature, CO2, density]. And not only during the fermentation phase. As the process is recorded uninterruptedly and traceably, you can quickly access memorized data and fermentation curves anytime. Determine exactly the fermentation course of the wine on the basis of your individual nominal temperature curve. The software is structured user-friendly and is applicable to an office PC as well as to a touch panel PC. Thus, FermAssist becomes



Liquosystems Iferm classic

High demands and a valuable fermentation product perfectly controlled by state-of-the-art methods: the employed technologies characterize the visual appearance of the iFerm series. The userfriendliness is considerably increased by a touch wheel and a large graphic display. The well-lighted and clearly arranged graphic display contains every required information such as valve status, temperature and CO2 curves, trends, nominal and actual values etc. Thus, it is very easily understood by the user. The operating modes [cooling, heating, automatic mode] and the alarm are clearly indicated on the graphic display by different background colors. The iFerm Classic central control box can be upgraded by TopFlow [CO2 volume flow sensor] or be operated by the software FermAssist.



Liquosystems EFC-3Since decades the standard in fermentation control! At the same time state-of-the-art through constant further development. With the software FermAssist you can combine the EFC-3 system with the CO2 volume flow sensor TopFlow and regulate depending on the fermentation activity. Proven, robust technology as well as ease of use are to the fore here. The modular system is easily expandable: today you can let equip 15 tanks, for example, and next year 10 or 5 more. Choose the future size of your control box for the final capacity of your wine cellar.



Liquosystems Topflow

TopFlow is the sensor for an ingeniously simple CO2 volume flow measurement at the tank. Measure and control your fermentation product with TopFlow depending on the fermentation activity of the yeast. Simply plug the sensor in the BUS socket, put TopFlow on the bunghole of the tank, ready. For this, there are no constructional changes at the tank necessary. Complex installations are also a thing of the past. Thus, the fermentation restraint could not be easier and a temperature-dependent interruption of the fermentation process does not occur anymore. TopFlow is an ideal addition to the iFerm series. Combined with the software FermAssist, you can apply TopFlow also to the fermentation control systems AFC, EFC and ECO.

Fermentation depending on the yeast activity with TopFlow

During the fermentation per each gram of sugar there is produced a defined volume of CO2. Thus, the CO2 volume flow is a measure of the fermentation activity of the yeast. In the white wine production process you can obtain secondary aromas by limiting the fermentation activity and elongating the fermentation phase [cold fermentation]. In this way, the wine style can be varied. For this purpose, it is crucial to confine the fermentation activity at precisely the right time and to ensure a complete fermentation in the final fermentation phase. This means that the CO2 volume flow sensor independently influences the nominal temperature depending on the fermentation activity of the yeast within preset temperature limits. TopFlow was developed especially for an automatic extension of the fermentation. This extension method works with variable nominal temperatures. The automatic measurement of the fermentation activity detects any possible fermentation problems at an early stage and prevents an interruption of the fermentation process. Due to its small dimensions and low weight TopFlow is very easy to handle. You do not have to carry out any hygienically critical or laborious installations of tube or pipe systems. Thus, you can save much time and money. Simply put TopFlow between the fermentation tube and the bunghole. It can be taken off anytime. Thus, the tank always remains accessible for additions of nutrients, for example. Due to the easy installation you can move the CO2 volume flow sensor to the respective fermenting tank without any problems. On the one hand, the sensor can be optimally integrated into our new iFerm series, on the other hand with the software FermAssist it can be combined with AFC, EFC and ECO fermentation controllers. The clearly arranged curve representation visualizes the CO2 development and allows to draw competent conclusions regarding the course of the fermentation process. Due to its robustness [IP65], TopFlow is easy to clean and thus excellently suits the daily routine in your cellar.