Steam generators

Tecnovap steam generator


Our Bacchus cleaning system is an innovative, ecologic and 100% natural process because bases its force on steam power rather than on the usage of chemicals, it does not emit dangerous smokes and it can be used in indoor environment. Bacchus steam generators take advantage of more than 12 years’ experience gained in the wine sector. Initially produced and offered for barrels and cellars cleaning, they are later used to sanitize bottling lines with steam by guaranteeing excellent results among which a longer maintenance of the microfiltration cartridges. The Bacchus line put together a series of steam generators with powers going from 3.6kW up to 36kW and with pressure up to 6 bar; ready for use in few minutes, equipped with a trolley to guarantee an easier usage and maneuverability; even tough boasting of an advance technology, their usage does not require any license