High quality metallised bag in box bags

BAG IN BOX-ok metalizált kivitelben

The products are made of top quality materials meeting the standards of the European Union. 

The structure of the valves applied facilitates filling the bags and limited air access from the outside makes it possible to extend shelf life of a product. We offers bag-in-box bags with various types of flanges and taps suitable for final needs and application.





   →   strong surface reduces the occurrence of mechanical damage
   →   one-way valve prevents type expansion of pollution to the inside during product dispensing
   →   personalization of packaging in terms of design and information
   →   extended durability stored product
   →   adaptation to standard 1200x800 palletts and containers allows fast and safe transport
   →   storage products tender for light
   →   comfortable filling system
   →   lower weight and volume of empty packaging, lower transport and storage costs
   →   for produce of packaging is use less raw material than in case conventional packaging
   →   packaging after use can be recycled



Bags produced in the bag-in-box technology have four layers and are made of internal and external film.

The internal layer is composed of transparent LDPE film.
The external layer may be composed of two types of film

The flange is an integral part of the bag as well as the tap or plug.
Raw materials used in the production of bag-in-box bags originate from reliable and certified European manufacturers.
There are also aseptic solutions on offer. The condition for sterile bag-in-box bags is radiation sterilisation.



Valves/taps and flanges dedicated for bag-in-box containers are characterised by high mechanical resistance, tightness and low gas permeability.