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Healthy and nutritious locally made beverages pressed from windfall or table quality fruit in the form of cider, perry or fruit juices are becoming ever more popular and important with people everywhere.

Fruit trees are not only an attractive feature in the landscape, they are also valuable providers of the raw materials for the direct marketing of fruit, the sale of fruit to the food processing industries and in particular for farm and home-made products which represent a valuable addition to a farmer’s income.

Pressing by experts ensures that the consumer gets a natural and delicious product and thus makes an indirect but active contribution to ecology and environmental protection.


Washing, conveying, shredding

Voran washing, conveying, shredding


Wash system for fruit and vegetables made of stainless steel comprising a sorting grid, washing container and transport chain. The washing of the transported items takes place in the washing container using a fresh water spray on the transport belt. The transport speed is infinitely adjustable as a result of the frequency converter. The is suitable for processing all kinds of foods, e.g.fruit, berries and vegetables.

Removable centrifugal mill for various arrangement options in the whole system and for simpler cleaning. (SA200 SOLO)



With the SA400+RM40 we offer a perfectly matched and strong combination of a wash and grinding system. The combined washing system on the one hand cleans using air blown from water stored below and on the other by using flowing cutters. The fresh air blown from the water keeps the fruit in constant movement. The contact cleans the fruit as they hit each other in the flowing water. This flow of water on the grinding system affects the opposite cutting edges and thus removes swimming foreign bodies that are then collected in the capture baskets. These can be removed without tools and during operation. The flow system also allows the water container to be emptied completely, down to the last fruit.


Type Mill Nominal output in kg/h Drive power in kW
SA200 solo - 1.000  0,37 
SA200 RM 2,2  1.000  0,37 
SA400 RM75  8.000  11,1



Voran washing and milling machines

Wash-grinding systems for fruit made from stainless steel, comprising a washing container, vertical worm elevator and attached centrifugal mill. The washing system is switched on and off automatically using an electrically controlled overflow protection in order to ensure optimal filling of a belt press. The rotary tower can be turned through 360° for simple cleaning or various arrangement options within the whole device.


Type Mill Nominal output in kg/h Drive power in kW
WA LC solo - 2.000  1,5 
WA LC RM40 3.000  6,2 
WAR65 RM5,5 6.000  2,2 


Scraper crushers / mashers

Voran scraper crushers, mashers


Centrifugal mill with exchangeable stainless steel screens for setting the grinding fineness. Ideal for mashing for distilleries. Suitable for pomaceous fruit, stone fruit and berries. Suitable for producing cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices.


RM2,2 CENTRIFUGAL MILL – Compact and efficient

Centrifugal mill with exchangeable stainless steel screens for setting the grinding fineness. Ideal for mashing for distilleries. Suitable for pomaceous fruit, stone fruit and berries. The centrifugal mills RM2,2 and RM5,5 can also be used for processing quinces. Suitable for producing cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices.

Achieve more with voran® We recommend our combined WALC40/WAR65 and SA200 for higher performance in automated processes. In addition to this, we also offer universal crushers for processing foods such as bread residues, grains or nuts.

Experience meets innovation For decades, voran® Holding has stood for quality, dynamics and professionalism in the food processing sector. As a financially stable mid-sized company, we currently employ around 160 workers in Pichl bei Wels— in the heart of Austria.


RM5,5 CENTRIFUGAL MILL – The universal device

Centrifugal mills with replaceable screens. This makes it possible to achieve any desired mash fineness—ideal for the mashing for distilleries. The choice of the most diverse crushing tools and grinding screen enables this mill to also be used for the production of all kinds of fruit and vegetable juices. Suitable for producing cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices.



SHREDDER - Masher steel and stainless steel 4 kW


Type Nominal output in kg/h Drive power in kW
RM1,5 Mill 650  1,5 
RM2,2 Mill 1.000  2,2 
RM5,5 Mill 4.200  5,5 
Shredder 2.000 


De-stoning machines

Voran de-stoning machines



The raw goods are inserted into the filling funnels that were designed for standard boxes and fed in doses via a central screw to the rotor’s rubber lips. Driven by belts, these gently throw the raw goods through the installed drum sieve. The mash passed in this way flows through the drum sieve into the mash capture container to the mash dispensing connection DN65. The separated stones are continuously moved backwards in the drum sieve and from there dispensed into a container located for that purpose. The removable central cover and the simple sieve removal/exchange enable quick and effective intermediate and final cleaning. The best basis for further processing—no matter whether it is used for juicing, crushing, vinegar or other products.

Compact, powerful and flexible

Minimum floor space due to its compact construction, powerful drive with adequate reserves for ongoing use, easily exchanged sieves with different diameters for processing different core sizes. These are just a few of the points that our designers focused on when developing the de-stoning and mashing units. Our mashing units are basically suited to separating hard and soft materials. It is therefore possible, for example, to separate strawberries cleanly from leaves and stems or ripe William’s pears from the cores and stems. After cooking, apples can be separated from cores, stems and skin.

Two sizes—one quality

The de-stoning and mashing units EP500 and EP1000 are differentiated by the construction size and the associated throughputs. These are understood as guideline values at 500 kg and 1,000 kg and may vary depending on the ripeness. The result is sure to persuade you in either case: cleanest separation of core and fruit and perfect consistency of the passed fruit mass. There is nothing to prevent further processing no matter the method used.


Type Nominal output in kg/h Drive power in kW Screen accessories
EP500 500  1, 2, 3, 5 and 8 mm
EP1000 1.000  5,5  1, 2, 3, 5 and 8 mm



Packing presses with sliding carriage

Voran packing presses with sliding carriage

Packing presses

The all-round machine in three sizes: the compact 50P1, the standard 100 P1, and the powerful 100P2. The voran® packing presses are also well suited for soft vegetable and fruit types when the optional fine-mesh cloths are used.

Convincing arguments:

Common features

Optimal pressing system for the best juice quality. The best aroma with low turbidity. Quick drainage of the juice through the pressing level, which is subdivided several times by acacia inserts.
All parts coming into contact with the juice are made from wood, stainless steel or food-safe plastic. The machine types presented differ primarily in their throughput.


Juice presses in three sizes 


Type Nominal output in kg/h Drive power in kW
50P1  150  1,1 
100P1 300  1,5 
100P2 600  1,5 


Packing presses with rotating carriage

Voran packing presses with rotating carriage100 P2 - The Topseller. Compact, high-quality, affordable.

Everything you need We can tell you why the 100P2 is so popular with our customers: it is a straightforward investment that pays for itself quickly even with a low number of fruit trees. The excellent production quality and accompanying long lifespan of the machine are additional arguments. If you can deal with an hourly output of around 600 kilograms, the voran® 100P2 packing press is the right choice. If you need higher performance, you will find the right machine on the following pages.


The highlights of the 180P2 - Get the most out of your fruit


Type Nominal output in kg/h Drive power in kW
100P2 600  1,1 
180P2 1200  1,5 
180P2 Inox 1200  1,5 


Basket presses

Voran basket presses

The best from the basket


Type Mill Nominal output in kg/h Drive power in kW
60K without mill 180  1,1 
RM1,5 180  1,1 
100K without mill 300  1,5 
RM1,5 300  1,5 


Screen belt presses

Voran screen belt presses

EBP Continuously high yield 

This belt press is operated fully automatic and continuous, requiring only very limited monitoring effort. The stepless regulation of the pressing speed and force guarantees optimal juice quality and a high yield of up to 75%. The belt press can be used universally for various types of fruit (stone fruits must be pitted before they are pressed), berries, vegetables, and for the dehydration of various materials. Special attention was paid to the easy accessibility of all system parts and their easy cleaning. The skimming frame can be removed without the aid of tools. This allows interim and final cleaning to be carried out easily and efficiently. All of the system parts coming into contact with products are suitable for use with foods. Since the complete structure is made from stainless steel, it meets the strict critera and highest hygienic requirements for food processing. The machine is fully assembled and ready to plug in. It can be set up flush to the floor without a foundation. Upon request, we will readily put your belt press into operation and also perform a service at the beginning of the season.


Twin belt press with pneumatic belt tensioner, automatic belt control, high pressure belt cleaner and brush cleaning system for the belt. The mash is applied to the belt in a uniform layer by the adjustable metering box, at the end of the pressing sequence the pomace is removed from the belt by a scraper. In combination with our WAR65 washing system, the level of the metering box is automatically supervised and controlled.


Type Nominal output in kg/h Drive power in kW
EBP350 300  0,37 
EBP500 700  0,75 
EBP580 1.000  0,75 
EBP650 1.500  0,55 
EBP1200 3.000  2,2 
ZBP660 3.000  3,5 
ZBP1100 7.000 


Pasteurization systems


Why at all—and what is pasteurisation?

Even freshly pressed raw juice which is quickly further processed from flawless raw products can become infested with micro-organisms (fungi, yeast, bacteria) within a very short time. It is therefore essential that this raw juice be preserved by a safe and gentle treatment process.

Food legislation requires that non-alcoholic beverages be preserved solely by physical processes. Preservation by thermal treatment is the most widely used process for this.

Due to their low pH value, direct juice and fruit nectar can be preserved at temperatures below 100°C. Temperature (often 76 to 80°C) and heating time determine the degree of deactivation of micro-organisms/enzymes, with temperatures over 80°C increasingly resulting in negative changes in taste (cooked/caramel flavour).

The bottle is usually filled hot to the cap, turned over for top pasteurisation and cooled back down by irrigation and loose storage for quality stabilisation still before it is packaged. Tightly closed bottles and bags are then protected against microbiological spoilage by their seal. The fruit juice‘s flavour and aroma changes in the course of storage due to ageing. Low storage temperatures and lightprotected containers slow down the loss of quality.

Properly pasteurised juice can be kept for several months without substantial quality loss.


PA90 Pasteurising device

Voran pasteurising device

Design and operation

Easily produce long-lasting juice yourself— small pasteurizer PA90!

The PA90 pasteurizer consists of a stainless steel pressure vessel, which is filled up to the mark with water. The cover is locked pressure-tight by a bayonet catch. The electrical heating coil and the tubular heat exchanger, through which the raw juice flows, are installed in the cover. The raw juice (ideally already settled), is routed through the clear juice drain of the buffer container into the lowerpositioned pasteurizer. The heat is transferred to the raw juice by the water heated by the electrical heater. If the filling process is interrupted when the heater is switched on, then overpressure is discharged through the safety valve. The integrated overheating guard shuts off if the water level in the pressure vessel is too low.

The juice’s pasteurisation temperature is regulated on the hose line exclusively by changing the flow rate. The filling temperature is displayed on the analogue thermometer. This makes the gentle preservation of your fruit and vegetable juices possible without any chemical additives


PA180 Electric pasteuriser 

Voran electric pasteuriser

Details and dimensions

The PA180 is a practical combination of a pasteurising device and filler, optionally available for bottle or bag-in-box filling. The system consists of an electrically heated water tank, through which the juice to be pasteurised flows from top to bottom through a tubular spiral while being preserved by heating. The raw juice tank is located above the water tank.

Heating and bottling/boxing fruit juices

Optionally available:

This makes the gentle preservation of your fruit and vegetable juices possible without any chemical additives.

Bottle filling: The pasteurisation temperature is controlled by using a ball valve to regulate the flow rate. The filling is started and stopped by self-actuating valves when the bottles are placed and removed. Bottles with inner diameters of 17mm to 20mm can be filled as a standard, with an optional plate available for wide-neck bottles with up to 50mm outside diameter.

Filling Bag-in-Boxes: The pasteurization temperature is controlled by using the first ball valve to regulate the flow. The second ball valve is used to start and stop the filling process. The tap can be removed by a bracket, which holds the tap during the filling process and helps to close the bag easily.

A scale can be placed under the device to ensure precise filling.


PA300E and PA300EA Pasteurization Systems

Voran pasteurization system


Electro-pasteurisation for the heating of fruit or vegetable juices. Heating elements and tubular heat exchangers (stainless steel) in a water bath. Stainless steel frame and panelling. The juice flow rate determines outlet temperature (manually activated hand-wheel). DN20 dairy screw clamp (inlet and outlet).

A separate juice pump is required for operating the PA300E.

The benefits of the PA300E

The PA300 supports you in achieving the best preservation of your fruit and vegetable juices.


The benefits of the PA300E automaticAUTOMATIC


Compact pasteurisation systems

Voran pasteurisation systems

*If required, it can also be delivered with a plate heat exchanger

All systems stated above are fitted with a tube heat exchanger. As an option we offer models PA600 and PA1000 for oil operation and model PA750 for gas operation with a plate heat exchanger.

Tube heat exchangers offer the following advantages:

Plate heat exchangers offer the following advantages:


Process and control

After the raw juice has been provided, the usage temperature is ensured and you have set the desired filling temperature, the fully automatic pasteurisation process starts: after warming the heating circuit system, the juice pump switches on automatically. On reaching the set juice temperature, the intelligent juice guidance system switches from reverse operation (to the tank) to filling operation. During the continuous filling operation, the control unit regulates the juice temperature completely automatically to ±0.3°C. On initiation of the overflow protection in the subsequent buffer tank for the filler, the control unit initially switches the heating source to standby automatically whereby the residual heat in the heating circuit is still used to heat the raw juice. On restarting (after releasing the overflow protection) the pasteurised juice is available again immediately. A fully automatic cleaning cycle ensures quick and simple cleaning.

In automatic continuous operation, no user-dependent manual controls are required any more.


High-tech as the basis for fruit juice quality/ stability, function and user-friendliness


Last but not least

Reference customers primarily in fruit processing, order-based juicers and fruit and gardening associations.


Type Energia Heat exchanger Nominal output in l/h Electrical power in kW Heating system rating in kW
PA500-RWT-G* gas tube 500  1,1  45 
PA750-RWT-G gas tube 750 1,1  70 
PA750-RWT-G KZE gas tube 750 1,1  70 
PA1500-RWT-G gas tube 1500  1,8  140 
PA400 LC-RWT-O diesel tube 400  1,4  35
PA600-RWT-O diesel tube 600  1,1  55 
PA600-RWT-O KZE diesel tube 600  1,1  55 
PA1000-RWT-O* diesel tube 1000  1,1  90 
PA2000-RWT-O diesel tube 2000  1,8  180 


Filler systems


Voran bottles filler

The voran® inline fillers in four or six-position design are the optimal solutions for small production filling. Output: 300 or 500 litres per hour. The well designed and purely mechanical mode of operation enables these fillers to achieve an excellent priceperformance ratio. The R4 and R6 inline fillers are also available as table models. We offer bases for adjusting the work height to enable ergonomic operation. The use of wide-neck adapters (optional) with diameters of 22 to 95 millimetres make it possible to fill bottles and jars with different neck diameters. The standard filler can be used for inside bottleneck diameters of 10 to 28 millimetres. The filler can be supplied with the option to control an upstream pasteurizer and it is possible to retrofit existing fillers with this option.



Voran bag-in-box filler

The MBF750 filling systems offer a solution for the semi-automatic filling of bags in 3, 5, 10 and 20 litre sizes. voran©-Bag-in-Box filling systems are equipped with two litre counting displays. These counters can be reset manually, independently of each other. This allows each of the filling processes to be counted even when different bag-in-box sizes are used. The juice is transported by the pump of an upstream pasteuriser into the filler’s juice storage tank. After a bag is inserted into the locking mechanism and the tap removed manually, the filling station is then positioned over the bag opening. The pre-set volume is gravity filled into the bag. The filling valve is controlled by the calibrate-able scale and closes when the filling volume is reached. This system achieves extremely accurate filling levels. All of the filling systems are equipped with an analogue thermometer for a quick visual temperature check.



Voran bottles and bag-in-box filler

Bag-in-Box filler combined with a 6-position bottle inline filler for the filling of fruit or vegetable juices. Intended for the filling of standard bags with 3, 5, 10 or 20 litres and bottles from 0.25 to 2 litres. The MBF750-R6 is not designed for the simultaneous filling of bottles and bags. Each of the four pre-set filling volumes can be reprogrammed by the operator to any desired value.


The benefits of the voran® filler systems